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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Teknetics G2 Giveaway

Hey everyone! Teknetics is giving away a free G2. Watch the above video and then follow the link to Tekentics Facebook page for your chance to win a free metal detector. Good luck!

Teknetics G2 metal detector Giveaway

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Metal Detecting Tip #5

Ever heard the saying "Got it made in the shade"...Yes? Well, keep that in mind when metal detecting tree lined parks. Pay attention to the side of the tree that casts shadow during the hottest part of the day!

Notice anything interesting about the above picture? Yup. all the people are sitting down and relaxing in the shade. Not one sunny spot has anyone in it. When I was in law enforcement, we would call that a clue!

Metal Detecting in Nevada for Silver and Other Treasure

Hello everyone! I went back to the video format of publishing key events in history that took place on the same year as the coins that I found.

This video includes the Treaty of Versailles, the mandatory internment of Japanese Americans and V-E Day!

Thanks for watching.

Equipment used:

Metal Detector: Teknetics T2SE
Headphones:      Killer B's
Pinpointer:          Garrett Pro-Pointer
Digger:               Lesche
Maps:                Nevada Ghost Towns

Movie Editor:    Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus
Video Camera: Toshiba BW10
Still Camera:    Sony WB250F 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Metal Detecting tip #4

Areas directly surrounding a metal support pole are usually unsearched as the metal pole causes metal detectors to "overlaod". Take a few seconds to scoop around these poles for missed coins and jewelry.

Think about it...many times people lay their belongings next to poles and such as an easy marker to find them later and t hen they forget to retrieve them later.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Best Pocket Spill Treasure Found With a Metal Detector

Got out metal detecting a park in Southern Nevada and found my best pocket spill to date. It consisted of (1) 1942 Walking Liberty halve, (1) 1919 Walking Liberty halve, (1) 1941 silver quarter, (1) 1944 silver mercury dime and (1) 1939 nickel.

Metal Detector used: Teknetics T2SE
Headphones used:     Killer B
Pin-pointer used:        Garrett Pro-pointer

I own RB Detectors Sales please feel free to contact me about metal detecting and detectors. I'm always available to talk metal detecting and lend a helping hand to anyone who is or wants to get into the hobby!

How To Keep Your Detector Looking New

Metal Detecting Tip #3 from RB Detectors:

Keep that new metal detector looking great by covering the foam grip with self-adhering athletic bandage. Won't leave a sticky or gummy residue, but will leave your foam grip looking like new! 

How To Read Root Collars

Metal Detecting Tip #2 from RB Detectors :

When Scouting a park or even area of a park for old (keyword OLD) areas to coin shoot, look at the trees. More to t he point, look at the root collar. The presence or lack thereof a root collar will tell you if fill dirt has been added. Fill dirt buries old targets, many times putting them out of reach of your detector, making these areas unproductive for "old" coins.

How To Find Old Home Sites to Metal Detect

Metal Detecting Tip #1 from RB Detectors: In many cases a freshly snow covered field or pasture land will reveal a slight depression in  the ground that wasn't visible before the snow. Many times these depressions are where long gone structures once stood.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Eurotek Pro Hunt With Tips and Tricks for Metal Detecting Sand Volleyball Courts (POV)

Eurotek Pro metal detecting hunt at a sand volleyball court.  Tips and tricks as well as Point of Vision (POV) hunts showing how the Eurotek Pro operates and acts while hunting.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Metal Detecting Hunt with Silver Coins Before I left Wisconsin

This is a compilation of metal detecting hunts just before I left Wisconsin.  I got a decent amount of treasure, mostly silver.